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Camshaft & Valve Animation Training – Automotive Appreciation Part 2

31 Aug

Course includes cam shafts, valves, variable valve timing, hydraulic cam follower, VVTi and VTEC.


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Taiwanese animation of Australian Election

31 Aug

3AW’s Ross and John discover a Taiwanese animated news service that details the Australain 2010 federal election.

Devin Clark, creator of “Instant Life Lessons” and Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans” takes you behind the scenes to show you his creative process. Meet Nick …


Presentación del curso “Motion graphics con Motion 5 vol. 2”

31 Aug

Este curso está disponible en En él se llevarán a cabo varios ejercicios prácticos de Motion Graphics con Motion 5: aprenderás a usar part…


Ripoff Hobbit Game Playthrough! | Ashen’s Animation

31 Aug

To celebrate the premiere of the Hobbit, Stuart Ashen does what he does best: plays a cheap rip off game entitled ‘The Hobit’. Or ‘The Hobbitt.’ We’re not su…

This computer-generated animation highlights the multi-mission capability of the three naval destroyers being built as part of the Air Warfare Destroyer Proj…


Video Background 114: Flourish Motion Graphics Animation

31 Aug

Video Background 114: Flourish Motion Graphics Animation ? Face: ? Face: Vi…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Another cool motion graphics video created for our client Business Uplift. If you are looking for a motion graphics video for your brand or product, contact …


Blood Supply to the Brain – Animation and Narration by Cal Shipley, M.D.

31 Aug

A review of the blood supply (vascular anatomy) to the human brain. Produced and narrated by Cal Shipley, M.D.