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Pelt Mapping Part 3 – 3D Studio MAX

28 May

Part 3 of Pelt Mapping tutorial


ADT Terrain tiling – Normal & Reflect mapping

28 May

A simple and brief tutorial in response to a few questions about adt tile texturing and normal mapping. Enjoy


DW – Test

28 May

testing some fume with Deathwing.


ADT texture tiling

28 May

This is a brief video in response to several people having a tiling issue when exporting adt terrain. This video shows how to set up a composite material in 3ds max. Thanks


3D Studio MAX Template Setup

28 May

Hi guys, this brief tutorial is addressing a question that many people ask me. it covers how to set up a scene to have your front and side elevation images on. Thanks


3D Studio max – Lady Alexstrasza

28 May

just addressing the problems a few people have been having with the Lady Alexstrasza model and 3ds max.