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Animation and Motion Graphic Film.

31 Oct

Working to a detailed brief, Motiv produced this animation for a leading UK SEO and Web Marketing agency. We loved the fresh brief that they gave us, utilising their contemporary branding, bringing it to life to create this cute and engaging film. We produced the voice over and sound track which has a happy vibrant feel, suiting the animations and providing a memorable tune. 3 of 3 videos in production for the company. Why not create some engaging content for your company. Motiv offer a range of video, animation and 2d/3D Graphics services to suit all budgets. We believe in building great client relationships, creating repeat business and providing motivating content within realistic budgets.


Pop-up Animation

30 Oct

Inspired by the Ice Book, this is a collaborative project created as an experiment for the confirmatory stage of an art foundation course.
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Next Media Animation, a Taiwan-based company, is getting a lot of attention lately for its humorous parodies. WebProNews spoke with Emily Wu, production manager with the company, about some of their recent productions involving Steve Jobs and Michael Arrington. As she explained, the company’s team of journalists looks at the top headlines of the day, creates a script, and from there takes it to their team of animators. Since there is really no limit to the type of content they produce, they have animations covering multiple industries including tech, entertainment, sports, and politics. Many of the animations are humorous, but the company also creates hard news productions. Wu told us Next Media Animation believes that their animations help consumers better understand what is happening in the news.

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Maixent Chenebaux Showreel 2012

30 Oct

A showreel featuring my work for different clients. Includes commercials, animation, music videos and motion graphics.
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film d’animation : LE DERNIER PROPHÈTE MUHAMMAD sws

29 Oct

Ce film novateur se passe il ya 1400 ans, aux premiers temps de l’islam. Le film raconte les événements qui ont mené dans le désert d’Arabie à la naissance d’une nouvelle religion appelée à s’étendre sur sept continents et à compter 1,6 milliard de fidèles de par le monde. Ce film vise aussi à faire connaître l’histoire de l’islam et de son Prophète aux jeunes générations à travers le média attrayant et accessible du dessin animé. Ce film d’animation est à la fois éducatif et divertissant. Il présente les principaux acteurs et événements liés à la naissance et à la propagation de l’Islam, la religion sœur des deux autres religions abrahamiques: le christianisme et le judaïsme. Ce film d’animation propose un voyage dans l’Histoire, dans un univers simple, profond et plein de sens. C’est un moment privilégié à partager en famille. Le Prophète Muhammad(PSL) est-il représenté dans le film ? Dans la religion musulmane, la représentation de Dieu ou des prophètes est interdite. Si les événements liés à la vie du Prophète sont racontés dans le film, le Prophète Muhammad, paix et salut sur lui, n’est pas représenté physiquement, et sa voix n’est pas reproduite. Sans représenter le Prophète, le son et l’art cinématographique sont mis au service de la narration. Sa vie est reflétée à travers certaines personnes qui ont vécu avec lui (sans inclure pour autant la famille du Prophète ou ses plus proches Compagnons), ce qui rapproche ce film du chef d’œuvre de Mustapha Akkad qui a

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Hamlet: The Animation Trailer

28 Oct

A home-made trailer to Hamlet. I remember reading Hamlet in high school, and thinking how well it could do as an anime (I was watching Code Geass and Gankutsuou around the same time). I was able to put together this trailer in about a week. I am proud to say I myself have animated this video, as well as created the music and the voice acting. I am also embaressed to say I did the animation, music and voice acting. Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements were used in the creating of this video.
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Dawn Patrol Creative Trailer

27 Oct

Self-Promotion Motion Graphics Video for Dawn Patrol, created in Adobe After Effects by Paul W. King
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This video was played along with the live version of the song at Vineyard Columbus’ Easter 2009 service. Motion Graphics by Joey Judkins.
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